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Winter Wedding Favors Ideas and Bomboniere

Jun 10

Weddings in the winter are rather rare, and call for special winter wedding favors. You can find many inexpensive ideas for your favors for winter while browsing on the internet. There are many ideas around that you can incorporate with your wedding theme with some imagination and creativity.

One rather easy and cheap idea is snowflake place card holders. These place card holders not only show the guests where they are to be seated, but also double as winter wedding bomboniere. These favors are usually sold in sets of 12 or more and are rather inexpensive while giving a good look to your wedding.

Another idea for your winter wedding favors would be candles. You could give your guests plain old candles, or use your imagination to add some spice to the candles. You could consider personalizing them on your own or by having the company selling candles personalize them for you. Whichever option you choose, you get great winter wedding favors with the different scents, styles and colors found in .

Then there are white rose ball candles that fit well with your winter theme. These favors work double as ice breakers for your wedding guests on the wedding day. These unique favors are not only inexpensive but also help decorate your wedding hall. Snowflake candle holders also make good winter wedding favors. You can place them on your reception tables to work as candles holders, décor for your tables and also as winter wedding favors for your guests.

You can also use your creativity for your winter wedding favors by making holiday CDs of your holidays. You can either choose a specific holiday or combine a medley of music from numerous holidays to create a favor that the guest is sure to cherish for years to come. The CD jewel case can also be personalized with a picture or just place the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date and a thank you statement.

Scarves serve as wonderful winter wedding favors. If you have the time, patience and interest, you yourself could knit these scarves for your small wedding gathering. However if your gathering is a big one or if you have no time, you could have them ordered. You then drape a scarf on the back of each chair in your wedding hall to let your guests wear and appreciate them while celebrating.

Whatever you choose for your winter wedding favor, it is important that you keep to your

By Jaid Chambers

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