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Wedding funny reception games: Bride & Groom’s kissing game!

Mar 11

Making the bride and groom kiss is one of the greatest loved traditions during the reception. Here we have listed some fantastic and unique ways of making this happen and having a lot of fun!

1. Classic Bells

Small bells can be purchased in bulk or larger bells can be used. Traditionally, these are placed on the tables and through the reception the guests ring the bells. To spice it up, the more bells that ring at the same time the bigger the kiss is. If someone can get everyone to ring all the bells at once watch out! You may want to make up little instruction cards that say, “Ring the bell for a kiss.”

2. Truth or Kiss

Divide the guests into groups and have one of the bridal party instruct them to ask the bride and groom a question. The bride and groom can choose to answer or they can kiss.

*** Q and A ***

Make up questions about the bride and groom, some easy some hard, and place them into a box or basket. Also, give each table a bell or noisemaker. Have someone from the wedding party pull out a random question and the first table to ring in has to answer it correctly in order to get the bride and groom to kiss.

3. Basket Kiss

As the guests arrive, they enter their names into a container. As the reception progresses, a name is called out every 5 to 10 min. The guest comes forward and tries to toss an object into a basket, hoop, or other container placed on the floor. You can also have the bride and groom hold the container and try to avoid or catch the object being tossed. If you don’t know what to have the guests toss into the basket, ask them to use change from their purse!

4. Copy Kiss

This is a simple idea that can get pretty interesting. The person or couple that wants to make the bride and groom kiss has to kiss someone first! Then the bride and groom have to try to copy their kiss.

5. Sing for a Kiss

Tables have to come up with a song that includes a specific word. These words can be placed on the table. You can use words like: love, wedding, vows or you can use words that describe the bride and groom. The guests at that table have to stand up and sing the song to get the bride and groom to kiss.

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