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Valentine-inspired: DIY Paper Fortune Cookies Centerpieces

Feb 11

I found this project from  Kimberly Crawford & Celesterockwood-jones. This is an easy & lovely DIY gift for your oved ones on Valentine’s day. However, I think it would be totally suitable for a Valentine-themed wedding reception centerpiece. Let’s put a basket full of these paper fortune cookies on each table and your guests will have fun reading the messages you write in each cookies.

This project is quick and easy for those of us last minute givers. A simple circle of patterned paper, adhesive, and some messages are all that is needed to create a unique gift for your dear wedding guests.

.:: Tutorials

Step 1: Start by tracing a circle on the paper. Any circle from about 3-4″ works well.

Step 2: Cut out the circle.

Step 3: Fold the circle in half, but do not crease the circle.

Step 4: Hold the paper as shown and begin the folding process. Keep in mind that I had to take the photo, so normally your other hand would be holding the opposite side together.

Step 5: Bring the two sides together. They look more realistic, if you do not fold them in half, but rather, off-center. You want to do this before you apply adhesive.

Step 6: I recommend a strong adhesive, because of the pressure on the sides. I used two strips of Wonder Tape. Keep the pieces small enough, so they do not show.

Step 7: Bring the sides together again, and there you have it!

Now let’s put some messages inside each cookie and surprise your wedding guests.

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