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Tips For Making Your Own Wedding Food

Apr 12

Simple and Delicious Is Best

  • Simplicity is best. Chances are you’re going to be running around a lot on the day of the wedding, so don’t make things more complicated than they have to be. Keep dishes simple, and supplement with prepared foods (such as chips and dips). Purchasing fruit or vegetable platters can also be a time saver.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Having a potluck event is great, but not everyone wants guest to worry about bringing food. Alternately, get family members, neighbors, or good friends to help with the cooking.
  • Cook in bulk. Consider cooking one or two large items for the bulk of the food. For example, we marinated large sirloin steaks the night before the party. We also smoked a large pig in our smoker. These main dishes didn’t take a lot of time to prepare or cook.
  • Now is not the time to experiment! New recipes almost always take a few tries to get right. Even if someone else swears by the recipe, it may not work for you. Only prepare things for the wedding that you know will work. This is a great time to break out all of the “tried and true” family recipes.
  • Plan, purchase, and prepare way ahead of time. Start to stock up on ingredients several weeks before the actual wedding, and finish the bulk of the shopping with a few days to spare. Sure, you may have to run to the store the day before, but you won’t have a whole laundry list of things to buy. And make as much as you can (especially any desserts!) ahead of time.

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