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Plan a Beautiful Low Cost Wedding

Mar 10

Many brides find that planning a Low Cost Wedding may be more difficult than she imagined; it’s far to easy to just buy the first thing you see that catches your eye when it comes to the decorations, centerpieces, food, favors, accessories, and everything else.  But of course not giving it any thought is a surefire way to go well into debt before you’re even married, so of course the extra work involved in planning a low cost wedding can definitely be worth it in the long run.


The first step in planning a Budget Wedding is just that – make a plan.Sometimes you forget all of the things you need to think about such as where the reception will be, where the ceremony will be, how many people you will have and so on?Its best to try to track all of these expenses because you will want to carefully watch your budget or it can get out of control quickly.  And when you have that list you can perhaps immediately see some areas than can be cut or adjusted for planning a low cost wedding.


As an example, you might want to make some adjustments to your menu especially if you have a lot of guests attending.  When planning a low cost wedding for 25 you can of course spend a bit more on the menu than when you’re planning for 100 or more.  Investigate affordable options for dinner such as chicken or pasta rather than beef or seafood.  You can also typically purchase something like a spiral sliced ham or have a Mexican buffet where everyone assembled their own dishes.  Most brides, when planning a Low Cost Wedding , find that these options are more affordable than the standard beef roast or other fare.


You’re going to need to get some affordable decorations when planning a low cost wedding.  This means getting creative with centerpieces.  Visit your local dollar or discount store and stock up on clear bowls; you can fill these with water and use floating candles, or some have found that cheap acrylic goldfish bowls from the pet store with two goldfish in each is a fun and affordable option for centerpieces.  You want to be sure that you know someone with an aquarium that is willing to take them after your reception of course!  But when planning a low cost wedding it helps to get creative in this way so you have fun but still affordable decorations and centerpieces.Real Flowers can be resembled for a lot less money if you use paper flowers that are grouped in a glass vase!) or tying them with ribbon like a bouquet.


When planning a low cost wedding don’t hesitate to ask for help.  Your friends and family can pitch in to assemble wedding favors or can make desserts and side dishes so you only need to pay a caterer for the main course.  This means some extra effort when planning a low cost wedding but saving all that money of course makes it worthwhile.



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