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Ideas for Gerber Daisy Wedding Bouquets

Jul 10

As with most flower types, there many types of bouquets a bride can carry, ranging from modern and creative to traditional and elegant. Some bridal bouquet ideas for brides carrying Gerber daisies include:

  • Single Stem Gerber Daisy: If you consider this minimalist option, the result can be stunning as well as affordable. Carry a large, unblemished bloom in a bold hue with a dark center for a beautiful contrast against a white or ivory gown.
  • Gerber Daisy Clutch Bouquet: A traditional hand tied clutch bouquet is a lovely option for this flower. Show off the sweet, romantic appeal of the blooms by using flowers only or a tiny bit of greenery below the flowers; or for a more classic look, incorporate additional flowers and greenery. Either raffia or ribbon can work well with the bouquet.
  • Multi-Colored Bouquet: With its broad range of shades, the effect of a multi-colored Gerbera bouquet is fun and festive. This can lend the perfect touch to an informal wedding, or be a bold color surprise for a black and white or monochromatic wedding theme. Some brides carry this effect through with each bridesmaid carrying a different colored Gerbera daisy or daisy bouquet.
  • Gerber Daisy and Roses Bouquet: The effect of these two flowers together is lovely and romantic, especially is posy, nosegay, or other circular bouquets.

Other wedding flowers that work well incorporated into Gerber daisy wedding bouquets include

Fresh Gerber Daisy Precautions

Although beautiful and versatile, brides need to be somewhat careful with their Gerber daisy flower arrangements and bouquets, since they can become damaged if improperly handled. While the cute blooms should stay fresh for seven to ten days if properly treated and hydrated, the daisies have a tendency to turn towards the light, so they should be wired or heads suspended prior to the wedding to keep them straight. Take care to avoid over-handling the flowers since the petals can bruise easily.

Silk Flower Gerbera Bouquets

Silk wedding flower bouquets can take some of the stress out of wedding flowers, and like their fresh counterparts, silk Gerber daisies come in a stunning array of hues to coordinate with your special day. Silk makes a great choice for those who want the Gerbera in a color it does not come in naturally, such as blue or purple. These are available at affordable prices at most major craft retailers, or online at sites such as Budget Bride.

Whether you choose fresh or silk flowers, versatile Gerber daisy bridal bouquets can add the perfect touch of beauty and drama to your wedding.

Source: weddings.lovetoknow.com

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