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How to find a really good wedding photographer

Apr 11

Finding a really good wedding photographer is a hard work. Through this article you should be able to make good decisions and find a really great wedding photographer. This article covers different ways of searching for wedding photographers, asking the right quesion, choosing the photographer, after work and conclusion.

01. A professional photographer or a family relative – an amateur photographer?

Sure, there is no doubt, what to choose:  a professional photographer or family relative who is an amateur photographer. While that family member, who was chosen photographer wouldn’t be able to enjoy the wedding, because of the  work and as amateur photographer he is not able to see things that matters, a  professional photographer would be there to take professional photos, because he knows what is the most important in wedding photography and therefore the results are obviously different. Your photographer has to capture every lovely view, every smile, every laughter, etc.

There is no second chance to take really good wedding photos, it is once and for all. Therefore it is necessarily to know how to get a good wedding photographer. Most of photographers do not even bother with wedding photography. Good wedding photographers are those, who love their work and are able to take photos, which are telling true stories. The photographer should have a unique style. The photos have to be creative and fully charged with emotions. But there is not  only the photographer who matters. Essentially is also a good planning for the wedding.

02. Search for a good photographer

There are different paths to find one. Go to magazine store and find the best magazines about weddings and wedding planning. Most of the magazines also have a chapter about wedding photography. Some of the photographers have commercials inside with contacts. Many of the magazines also have yellow pages with wedding photographers.

Another way is to “Google” for a wedding photographer. Most common keywords to get best results are “Wedding photography“, “Wedding photographer” or simple “Wedding”. Or you can get a wedding photographer is to post ads on free advertisement pages. And if any of your relatives got married recenly, just ask them, if they had a wedding photographer. If they did, just ask for contact.

Now, you have to contact all the photographers, which you think will suit your wedding concept.

03. It is necessary for you to know the wedding photographer

Important for you to know is how long is he in this business, what equipment does he use and if he is working with an assistant or in pair with another photographer. Also ask for a webpage gallery. If he does has one, have a look and check it. It is important for you to know what he offers, so go ahead and ask for offter and also for pricing. Additionally write him what is your lifestyle, what are your expectations and wishes and in what style will your wedding be.

04. Think about your budget

Now, think about what is important for you. Review your budget, which was intended for wedding photography. After you have received all of the answers from photographers, make the first selection. See, if they meet your expectations and if they offer all the services you have asked. You can also easily recognize if someone is serious and if he really wants to shot your wedding. After that, contact the selected ones again and ask them to meet them in person. This way you can see how they are in reality, what they think and how they work. Ask the same questions as you already did when you first contacted him. See if there are any deviations to his statements. If not and if you like the photographer, then it is time to tell him, that he is the one.

05. Ask your photographer for a contract

Your work is not finished yet. Ask him, if he is working with a contract. If not, ask him, if he can prepare a contract, which will be signed by both of you. Read all paragraphs very carefully and do not sign if you do not know what you are signing. If everything is Ok, sign it. This way you can be certain, that you will get for what you pay.

There is another thing. Do not pay in advance. If he wants advance money, kindly ask him, if you can add another paragraph, which defines that you are obligated to take him as wedding photographer. If he still wants advance payment, then do not pay more than half of the whole price of his services

06. Tell your photographer about your wedding planning, and the style of the wedding

Now, it is recommended to make the photographer very familiar with your wedding. Tell him about your wedding planning, about the style of the wedding. Tell him what kind of photos you expect. Make a plan and go together to the place, where the wedding will take place. Look at different places for portrait photography. Tell him the program and time schedule for the wedding, so he can get prepared.

If you are going to follow these steps, you will probably get a really good wedding photographer and therefore also great wedding shots and services. It is the most important day in your life, so take your time and find a really good wedding photographer.



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