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Honeymoon Ideas for the Adventurous Couple

May 11

Who said a honeymoon should just be about relaxation and romance? For the adventurous couple, a honeymoon is also a great opportunity to try something new and different, something that would rush their adrenaline and give them the exhilarating feeling that they would not find elsewhere. Here are some great ideas that would satisfy your own cravings for an adventurous honeymoon that you would never forget.


Do you want something exciting for your honeymoon? Hop on to your car and rev the engine! If you want a spontaneous adventure, there is no better way to do it than to hit the road. Although a road trip sounds like something that only college people do to escape their parents or pressure from school, this kind of trip can also be a fantastic honeymoon getaway. You can plan to have a road trip to Madagascar for some nature adventure or see the most exquisite sights of the Himalayas by traveling from Lhasa, Tibet to Katmandu, Nepal.

The Sky is the Limit

For a couple who is always up for an adventure, a simple day at the beach can be turned into something more exciting by going for extreme water sports and activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, and wake boarding. You can also try out something more exhilarating like bungee jumping or sky diving. Remember, when adventure is in your blood, the sky is your only limit!

Surf’s Up

Taking surfing lessons can truly make your beach honeymoon exciting and wonderful. Learning how to surf is not that difficult if you have the knack for being one with the waves, if you have the determination, and if you have the guts to pull it off. Most private surfing lessons start at around $50

Underwater Discovery

Another way to make your beach honeymoon stay more exciting is to dive into the clear waters of the sea. Yes, the clear turquoise seawater is already majestic but wait until you see the wondrous nature’s gifts underneath! Do some scuba diving in St. Croix so you can enjoy and explore the largest living coral reef located in the Caribbean. You can also do some unforgettable scuba diving activity in Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, an underwater marine sanctuary in the Philippines and one of the best coral reefs in Asia.

Hike and Climb

Speaking of Asia, you can also make your way to the top of Mt. Fuji in Tokyo, which would give you a spectacular view of the sunrise and would let you peek into the interesting and colorful Japanese culture. You can also do a ruin hike in Angkor Wat, Cambodia so you can explore 12th century ruins of Hindu towers, sculptures, and temples.

Chillin’ Snow Sports

If you are having a winter wedding, then head off to the Swiss Alps so you can spend your honeymoon starting at the magnificient views of these hills. But of course, being the adventurous couple that you are, you probably will not be satisfied with simply staring. You can partake in some of the most thrilling snow sports such as ski boarding, skiing, and so many more.

Adventurous couples have so many choice on honeymoons that can surely appease their craving for adventure. These are great ideas that would certainly make your honeymoon something that you, your spouse, and all the people who would hear your story, would never forget!

Source: mybeachfavors.com

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