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DIY- Paper Boats

Oct 11

OK so how many paper boats have you made in your lifetime…hundreds I’ll bet, although in my house they normally turned into pirate hats (and still do…). I am really loving the comeback of crafts we enjoyed as kids; friendship bracelets, origami, pinwheels, etc. How cute are paper boats as place cards and cake toppers…

DIY Project – Floaty Boat


This tutorial comes from Instructables, one of my favourite sites for paper craft DIYs.


1. Fold your paper in half

2. Fold in half to create a centre line, then fold down the corners from the folded edge into the middle

3. Fold up the sides of the unfolded edge

4. Pull out the corners and make another fold in the new centre

5. Fold up the corners so you have a triangle

6. Pull the corners out and fold the centre straight and ta-dah you have a boat!


Now – stick a little flag in there with a place card name, a table number or just a little monogram flag and put your boats on the cake. Have fun!


How cute is this garland from Ikea living


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