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Ballet-inpired Wedding Dresses

Nov 10

Whether you grew up performing Swan Lake or just want to look graceful and elegant on your wedding day, turn to the ballet for inspiration. The styles worn by ballerinas can easily be adapted into beautiful wedding dress.

Rosa Clara

One of the most iconic ballerina fashions is the tulle skirt. While it might be hard to carry off a stiff tutu walking down the aisle, a soft and floating tulle skirt is a beautiful style for a wedding gown. The ethereal layers of netting will make any bride look as though she is practically floating on air.

Aurye Marriages

Though tulle is the most typical fabric for the ballet-inspired gown there’s a whole range of gossamer sheers like organza, silk organdy, chiffon, and Georgettes that work beautifully. Defined, tulle is a fine mesh netting with a hexagonal pattern that comes in silk, cotton, nylon or acrylic/silk for power netting.

Photo drom Adamgoodwin.co.uk

There is one thing that ballerinas are known for that brides should not try to emulate: the emaciated look. Do not worry that you will not look like a graceful swan on your wedding day unless every bone in your body is prominently on display. The feminine and ethereal nature of ballet inspired wedding attire is a pretty look on brides of all shapes and sizes.

Photo by Galaxie Andrews

Wedding gowns from Amsale ; Aire Barcelona

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