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Awesome Wedding Ideas on a Shoestring Budget

Apr 11

Before, getting married meant breaking the bank. Nowadays, people have become more practical with events such as weddings. People are now looking for creative and ingenious ways to cut down the expenses and save on the wedding budget. If you are looking for shoestring budget wedding ideas, here are some awesome ones to spark up some inspiration.

Wedding Ideas On A Budget

01. Hold the wedding in your backyard

Renting a venue can be quite expensive. You would be able to save a lot of money if you hold the wedding in your own backyard, that of your future spouse, or that of someone close to you. Just make sure that the venue is big enough to accommodate the guests you are planning to invite.

02. Trim down the guest list

Making a guest list is one of the best way for wedding budget

Speaking of guests, inviting only closest family and friends is one of the best ways to cut down the expenses. For one, this would  make the idea of holding the wedding in your own backyard feasible. Aside from that, you would also be able to save on wedding favors, invitations, and so many more.

03. Give away DIY wedding favors

DIY wedding favors are perfect for the crafty bride. But even if you are not that talented in the creative department, you can still do simple DIY wedding favors that are inexpensive, memorable, unique, and easy to do.

04. Have family and friends help with the cooking

Hiring a catering service can be quite costly. If you and your family are bunch of chefs and cooks, it would save you a lot if you go for this route.

05. Shop bridal accessories and wedding items online

The online market is bustling with great discount deals and offerings on bridal accessories. Just see to it that you choose a reputable bridal online store that is equipped with a secure feature to protect your credit card information efficiently.

06. Use wedding items that serve double purpose

Edible table centerpieces are trendy this year

Edible table centerpieces and wedding favors that can also be decorative elements are trendy this year. Aside from being trendy, they are also a good way to save money.

07. Borrow your wedding gown

Wearing your mom’s wedding gown not only saves you ¬†money, it also makes your walk down the aisle more meaningful. You may choose to have some alternations done on the dress to make it more updated in terms of fashion style.

08. Be your own wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner can help a lot but it can also take a toll on your savings. Consider enlisting help of family and friends when it comes to the planning and be your own wedding planner.

09. Buy white or yellow gold rings instead of platinum or titanium

White and yellow gold look almost just as elegant but for a smaller price tag. Platinum and titanium wedding rings are durable and classy but they are quite expensive.

10. Get married during an off-season

Cost of catering, venue, flowers, and other wedding essentials is significantly lower during wedding off peak season.

Having a wedding does not require people to spend a fortune. In fact, the most memorable and meaningful weddings only spend a fraction of the cost that other couples spend. All you need to have is some imagination, creativity, and resourcefulness, and you can be on your way to having a wondrous wedding event without having to spend so much.

Source: articles4brides.ca

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