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3 Funny Wedding Reception Jokes and Ideas

Oct 10

Having a little fun with wedding reception jokes is a great way to break the formality of a stuffy wedding receptions. There are so many possibilities for wedding reception jokes and clearly this is an idea that is striking a note with newly weds across America. Just watch some of the funny wedding videos on YouTube!

Funny Wedding Reception Ideas#1: Returning of the Key

For this little wedding joke you want to buy a bag of plain old keys from the hardware store. They do not need to be a copy of your house key.

Hand them out to the ladies attending the wedding. You can do this at the door of the wedding reception while the bride and groom are waiting to be announced.

During the wedding you want to make an announcement, so you will probably need the Best Man for this. Have him give a speech about the groom’s past or something related. The announce you will need anyone with a key to his old place to return it. Each lady can make their way to the front to return the keys. After about 2 or 3 people, the whole wedding reception will be rolling with laughter.

Funny Wedding Reception Idea #2: Bridal Party Dance Off

Ok, we have all seen the funny wedding dance videos on YouTube, but what about one that involves more than just the bride and groom. Have an “impromptu” (yet well thought out and planned) dance off between the bridal party and groom’s men!

Play some funky music and form a circle on the dance floor! This will have everyone laughing and really break the ice.

Try to get someone to break dance or doing a retro dance like The Roger Rabbit.

Funny Wedding Reception Idea #3: Costume Change

So, throw a new twist on the funny bride and groom dance at the reception. You will need to start off serious with a song and then mid way have it change, we have all seen that. What we have not seen is a costume

Here are some funny wedding reception ideas that are sure to create a little comedy at your wedding reception an probably get you a funny wedding reception video on YouTube.

Do not do this to your real wedding dress or tux, but have replacement ones you can change into when you first walk into the reception. Star t off with an announcement and have the DJ say you would like to start with the first dance. When the music changes to the funky part or new song you can have a wedding dress or tux that is held on with Velcro. Rip it off and reveal funk y costumes below.

Go all out with sparkly leg warms…

Once everything calms back down you can put yoru wedding attire back on and spend the rest of the night partying in style!

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